Nano-control v0.19b public release!

Heya guys, sorry for the late update, had to deal with some stuff in real life, but things are more stable now, so I'll get back to work! 

First up would be something important, there is apparently another purge going on in  Patreon, we should be fine (I hope), but in the event anything happens, I want to let you guys know that you can find me in Subscribe star. I am also always contactable in our Discord server, the other players and myself will be able to point you to where you can download the game!

I've also been doing some thinking and I decided it might be better for me to release the public release of Jikage Rising sometime next month around this time, however, I will try to release 2 months equivalent of content, so there should be 4 scenes next month instead of the usual 2, so that there would be "no lost time" so to speak, I think it would be the best way to go with this in regards of being fair to the Patrons in terms of content while having the same level of quality, don't really wanna rush the release and have some half assed content, I will however, release Patron releases while I'm working on it, hopefully this will be acceptable. In any case, do let me know if you guys have any other suggestions or what not yeah!

With that out of the way, here's the public release for Nano-control v0.19!

Change-log for Nano-control v0.19b:

-Elaine's mind room 2 added   
-Rika's mind room 2 added 
 -Jace's mind room 2 added  
-Kay's mind room 2 added  
-Gwen's mind room 2 added  
-Lena's mind room 2 added  
-Rika x Elaine scene added
-Lily x Kay scene added


Nano-control 267 MB
Jun 17, 2019
Nano-control v0.19b (Mac).zip 401 MB
Jun 17, 2019
Nano-control v0.19b (Linux).zip 309 MB
Jun 17, 2019
Nano-control v0.19b (rework).apk 226 MB
Jun 17, 2019

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tried the first option in kay's 2nd mind room -> got limited control as a result

so I tried the 2nd option to calm her down or something like that but nothing happens afterwards?

(PS: is it possible to combine all the text when gathering resources (bushes, berries, etc...) into one box instead of one box for every sentence?)