Nano-control v0.21d public release!

Heya guys, the public release of Nano-control v0.21 is now officially out!  

It's a pretty fun and relatively big update, you'll be able to unlock and mansion where you will be able to invite people over to live with you, we have the first ending in the game (Lena's) and we also added Jace's anal scene as well as something between Kat and Rika. One of the players, Trainboy, also wrote a plugin for the game! The overworld sprites for the characters should change accordingly to the outfits they wear!

Just a reminder! I'm doing some feedback collection currently! If you have a couple of minutes to spare, I would love to hear your feedback on how I'm doing generally! It's something I do to see how I can improve! 

Feedback form for Patrons 

Feedback form for Public 

Here's the simplified version!

Nano-control v0.21d change log
-Jace's anal scene added 
-Mansion added Rika x Kat scene added 
-Lena's ending added 
-Pregnant portrait pics added 
-Overworld sprite plugin added 
-Updated recollection room 
-Outfit plugin added (Thanks Train!) +Misc bug fix


Nano-control 278 MB
Aug 18, 2019
Nano-control v0.21d (Mac).zip 412 MB
Aug 18, 2019
Nano-control v0.21d (Linux).zip 320 MB
Aug 18, 2019
Nano-control v0.21d.apk 237 MB
Aug 18, 2019

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Excuse me, Dear Smiling Dog, But I have a suggestion. I would like to see an "endless" mode in the game. You won't be able to get endings, but you are free to explore and enslave at your leisure! I think it would be great for people who want some more time to experience the game! Thank you for reading and have a great day!

Oh, currently the game is already in "endless mode"! Endings won't trigger unless you trigger them manually.

Thank you for letting me know! Have a wonderful day!

good update just some comments/questions afterwards (looking back at my notes)

1) end day/start new day - warps you first back in your old house and then over to the mansion

2) leaving the replay room made me re-appear in the old house insteadof the mansion

3) some of gwen's dialogues are still of her about living in her old house alone

4) some way to repaid the mansion's outside/garden?

5) no way to move kay's mother lily over too?

6) the new rika x kat scene can only be triggered once? (except the replay room?)

7) still the same old harvesting annoyance - could it be at least possible to combine all text lines into one text box when you harvest ONE bush/rock/etc... (made me so frustrated that I used a save game edit to add some money for the house repairs...)

8) another annoyance that you can't use whole houses as play-fields - have a character follow you around inside her/your house and you can't use the sex option thanks to them behavon like beeing outside in public

9) both lena ending are the same?
9.1) no differences?
9.2) besides unlocking an ending does it effect the remaining gameplay anyway - made me stop there not possibly mess up my playthough

Thanks for the detailed notes as always! Appreciate it!

1)Will get this fixed!

2)Will get this fixed as well.

3)Must have forgotten to link her with the new dialogue, will be updated!

4)Yeap! It's a work in progress!

5)Currently no, but I might be able to get something like that soon.

6)Yeah, it's more of an interaction than repeatable scene.

7)Yeah, can't really do that cause the odds of getting items are all individually calculated. You can use the cheat book to add money in game though, hopefully that helps.

8)Ah, damm, I keep forgetting to update that. Sorry!

9)The pregnant and non-pregnant ending only affects the sprites and some text in the epilogue. Other than that not much else haha. Oh, but if you choose the make her have your kid option, you actually need to cum in her until the "you got her pregnant" notification appears to see the pregnant ending if that's what you mean.

ok thx - for the fast reply

kept a save file before making the choice at the crystal and then tried both ways but only got the same sequence both times so I was a bit confused

so when you unlocked one end you can continue to play on as long as you don't view the actual ending in the book but can you then choose ending for other characters too?

lenas ending was pretty much excluding everyone else in it so that wouldn't make much sense I guess?

PS: avoided to point at the typos in the texts of the last updates because there were only very few here and there but maybe you should double check the text of the ending - some parts were VERY weird and/or confusing... - at least how it appeared to me

Heya! Sorry for the late reply, got caught up in some menu designs for my other game. 

Yeap! You'll be able to continue playing until you "choose" an ending. The plan is that on higher levels, you will be able to select endings that involve more people once the higher mind rooms are introduced! The next update will add in Elaine's and Kay's personal ending, so it might be a better idea on what personal endings will be like!