V0.6c Released!

Hey guys! V0.6c is now available for public download! 

This release  has the questlog that a lot of you were requesting! This should make keeping track of events and quest a deal easier now! The full changelog can be seen below!

Change log for v0.6c

-Kay's level 2 event added

-Lena level 1 event added

-Some NPC dialogue updated to reflect what progress you made with the girls

-New character (Gwen) added into the game

-Added new way to interact with followers using the controller

-Questlog added to track quest and provide hints

Unfortunately, with the questlog in, this renders the old saves unusable, this is mostly cause the old saves don't recognise the questlog plugin. I'm sorry about this.

And on to the good news! The game is now officially out of the red! Which means that I've recovered everything that I've spent on the game! This would mean that I would be able to commission more art, so look forward to it during the next release! 

I'm also gonna try to push harder this month to gather more patrons cause I want to get better and smoother animation into the game at a consistent rate as soon as possible! 

In any case that's the end of my rumbling! 

You can download the game here! 

"Best girl who?" poll 

And as always, just drop me a pm either here or on discord if you find any bug or just have some suggestions and feedback!


Nano-control v0.6c.rar 133 MB
Apr 07, 2018

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