v0.09c is now out for the public + announcements!

Hey all! v0.09c is now released to the public! Hope you all will like it! Not too much this time round though, but there are still quite a few announcements! So do take some time to read them yeah! 

Here's the link to the announcement and also download!

1)Polling time! 

Well first of all we'll have a poll deciding which girl will get their level 2 event for the next release! It's pretty much between Gwen and Rika, but do give it a poll! 

Poll here! 

 2) Content in v0.10

For v0.10, it's gonna be a big one (I hope), have some free time this month so I'm gonna get as much content in as possible! Here's what to expect!

-The accessory system that includes some vibrating stuff 

-The long awaited underwear implementation

-Jace's level 1

-Gwen or Rika's level 2 event (you decide!)

-A new status system that shows exp needed, current level, pictures etc

-Various portraits for the minor characters!

-Animation beta

-Addressing bugs and glitches (as per usual)

-If I find the time, some alternative ways of completing certain events for the girls!

3)So this is the semi bad news part 

This is kinda IMPORTANT so please read it if you can. After the release of v0.10, I'm likely to be really busy with real life stuff for about 3 months, I'll still update the game, but it's likely that it won't have as much content. To compensate for that, I'll be paying for the art/ sprites needed for v0.10 in advance using my own money and kinda "recoup" the money back during the next 3 months after v0.10. I'm sorry about this, but it's kinda an important event that I really have to focus on unfortunately. However, as I said, I will still update the game during that period, but with probably with less content per update.

4)Character design suggestions! 

So as mentioned before, there'll be a bunch of characters that will be getting their own portraits and sprites! Namely these people are:


-The mayor

-The two teachers


-The shopkeeper

If you have suggestions on how they should look like, just drop it in the comments or send me an email! If you want, you can even leave it in our discord! Just click to join!

Alternatively, (shameless plug incoming) if you really want a character to look a certain way, you could consider joining the "level 4 control" pledge tier haha

5) Android version is back!

So it's been painful trying to get it to work, but I somehow managed to do so. As of now, we have an android version for v0.09c! However, some features, like the questlog, are not available due to system restraints, so yeah, that's an issue. If you have any interest in helping me port it over please let me know!


Nano-control v0.09c.zip 189 MB
Jul 13, 2018
Nano-control v0.09c (Mac).zip 325 MB
Jul 13, 2018
Nano-control v0.09c (linux).zip 233 MB
Jul 13, 2018
Nano-control v0.09c.apk 162 MB
Jul 13, 2018

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