v0.12 out!

Hey all! I recently updated the game, there are a couple of new content in it including new sprites for some of the NPCs! You can read more about it in my Patreon post if you haven't already! Hope you guys enjoy it! 


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Nov 12, 2018
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Oct 05, 2018

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explored to early - triggered the first encounter with lena (neighbour) - got her first quest but after the intro-part of the game when I got the serum the quest was gone

Oh, what do you mean by explored too early? Do you mean you are unable to control Lena now?

yes I explored the forest - ignoring the clown - found her in the forest - she talked about a welcome gift - were transported into her house - she dropped the gift - something was said about her beeing clumsy and the quest to find a way to control her started - after that I helped the clown got the serum but the quest vanished from the quest-log by then and now I only got random text line from her like an ordinary npc

Oh! She's a bit of a weird on to unlock, you'll need to click on one of her cows about 5 times in the morning, and the cow will then attack you. The rest if pretty straight forward from there! 

almost forgot to reply...

1)yup - it was weird/strange but it worked and it finished her initial quest - even after the quest itselft had already "vanished" from the quest log - but not much happened - got transported to the house added the serum to her drink and the the quest was finished and the character kicked out of the house without any scene after the serum

2)when you use the controller-item directly at the start of a day in front of the bed - directly after closing the screens and returning to the game the game repeats the go to bed/start a new day animation and you loose the whole day

3)the option to give the serum to sarah during the level-up for kay - is it supposed not to be succesfull or does it depend on how many times you played with her befor (in the repeatable quest)?

4)the "mini game" for the level-up of rika with the help of gwen is buggy - at the ende the dialogue repeats itself again and again - but after talking to them a few times the game suddenly advanced again to the pudding part