V 0.14c is now open to the public!

Hey all! I got a new version of the game up! And I also have a short survey + sneak peek on what the new project is gonna to be! So do take a look if you have the time! You can check it out here!


Nano-control v0.14c.zip 238 MB
Jan 18, 2019
Nano-control v0.14c (Mac).zip 373 MB
Jan 18, 2019
Nano-control v0.14c (Linux).zip 281 MB
Jan 18, 2019
Nano-control v0.14c (Patched).apk 197 MB
Jan 18, 2019

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the controller does not work properly for android i try to select the options but when i select them nothing pops up

What things have been added?
Or is that information exclusive to patreon?

Heya! The information should be in the link! But I'll paste it here too! 

Here's the changelog!

Jace's level 3 event
Gwen's level 3 event
Peddlers in the square now sell items
Jace's level 3 repeatable events
Gwen's level 3 repeatable events
Inspection mode update, will now reflect arousal levels and control levels!
And some misc fixes for bugs and glitches!

Ah, thank you, much appreciated.