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Explore the town and find ways to control the residents in this adult RPG! · By SmilingDog


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v0.24 public release!
Hey all! Sorry for the late update, seems like something went wrong on my end. (Thanks Speedy for pointing it out!) I got the newest public version for the gam...
4 files
Nano-control v0.21d public release!
Heya guys, the public release of Nano-control v0.21 is now officially out! It's a pretty fun and relatively big update, you'll be able to unlock and mansion w...
4 files
Nano-control v0.19b public release!
Heya guys, sorry for the late update, had to deal with some stuff in real life, but things are more stable now, so I'll get back to work! First up would be som...
4 files
Nano-control v0.18b is out for the public!
Heya guys! Got a new update up, sorry about the delay, got a new PC and realised that some of my files were missing haha. Anyway! I got the game up and ready fo...
4 files
v0.17d and a new comic!
Hey guys! Just wanted to let you guys know that we have a bunch of new stuff going on right now! We have a comic strip about some characters for the game, a ne...
4 files
v0.16b is now out for the public!
Nano-control v0.16b public release! Heya guys! Hope you guys are doing well! As promised, here's the public release for Nano-control v0.16b! Here's what's in t...
4 files
V 0.14c is now open to the public!
Hey all! I got a new version of the game up! And I also have a short survey + sneak peek on what the new project is gonna to be! So do take a look if you have t...
4 files
v0.12 out!
Hey all! I recently updated the game, there are a couple of new content in it including new sprites for some of the NPCs! You can read more about it in my Patr...
2 files